About Us

For more than 20 years, ‘Hammer Coat’ the flagship brand of Icon Powders Inc. develops and produces lead free and environment friendly thermo setting powder coating products.

As an industry leader we dedicate ourselves to developing superior quality metallic, bonded metallic and high impact powder coating required for post-forming in tune with our core principles: high quality standards, innovative products, product reliability, short delivery times, outstanding customer service.
We offer more than 300 colour shades, variety of finishes and ex-stockwhich meets European and American standards of quality.

We have a holistic approach towards speedy product development, prompt delivery and service solution.
We maintain our goodwill by focusing on service and consistently putting it into practice.

Our technical colleagues will help you in product/process transitions and troubleshooting.

Leaders in Service

  • Effective coating solutions for wide range of applications

  • Finding the perfect colour that makes all the difference

  • Expert advice and assistance to customers of all size

  • Sharing expert knowledge on coating with customers

  • Assisting our customers to stand out and establish new

  • standard in their markets

Product Basket

  • Hybrid (epoxy polyester)

  • Polyester (pure polyester)

  • Polyurethane finishes (Matt, satin, texture, structure, wrinkle, leatherette, hammer tone, metallic and antique in all shades)

  • Clear powder coating